YALC Readathon Challenge 2016: Weekly Round-up (Part 3)

Whoo! We made it! YALC is tomorrow! This is not a drill, people!

So, final round-up, and I have read a grand total of 19 books by authors going to YALC! Which puts me up to the level of Convention Affection! For a full list of the books I’ve read plus linky credit for the Readathon Challenge itself, please do check out the YALC 2016 tab above.

And now to the books I’ve read this week. It was kind of a slow one, as I was at Momentum (the Christian festival, not the Labour thing) from Friday to Wednesday, so I had to fit my reading in around worship, seminars and a silent disco in a field! So here’s the list: Continue reading

YALC Readathon Challenge 2016: Weekly Round-up (Part 2)

This has been an amazing week. I’ve read some incredible books, and started to make my way in the book-blogging community. Thank you so much to everyone who’s made me feel so welcome. Much cake for you!

So, week 2 of pre-YALC reading, and I read 6 books this week. Phew! I feel breathless thinking about it! It’s been a wild ride, so let’s get straight to it!  Continue reading

YALC Readathon Challenge 2016: Weekly Round-up

YALC 2016 is only two weeks away! My reading has gone into hyperspeed in order to get through everything I want to before the event. I’m taking part in the YALC Readathon Challenge 2016 (more details on the YALC 2016 tab above), and I’m aiming – optimistically – for Convention Affection level. This means reading at least 16 books by authors attending YALC this year, and with two weeks to go, I’ve read nine (and a half) in total. So, instead of individual posts for each review, I’ve decided to do a weekly round-up with an instant reaction review for each title. And without further ado… Continue reading