11 Books I Am Thankful For

This post uses this week’s theme from Top Ten Tuesday.

Daughter of the Flames by Zoe Marriott


Because I am predictable as HECK. I’ve already waxed lyrical about this book on this blog so all I’m going to say is it’s GREAT and you should read it so that we can all be thankful for it together.

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman


This was the first book where (teeny spoiler) I actually saw the word ‘asexual’ on the page of a fiction book, so I am very thankful for that. And it is precious and I love everyone in it and YOU WILL TOO. I promise.

Lirael by Garth Nix


Smol (tol) bookish awkward child grows into a still quite awkward warrior woman who hangs out in Death and battles the End of Days with her talking Dog. I thank the universe, and also Garth Nix and the publishing team behind him, that this book exists.

Rites of Passage by Arnold van Gennep (non-fiction wildcard!)


I read this for my dissertation, but it’s seriously influencing my writing right now also. If you write – or read, actually – YA fiction, especially when it focuses on the transition period between child and adult (which I guess is kinda the definition), then you should definitely pop your nose into this one.

The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling (like you don’t know the author)


I can’t stop thinking about the fact that the first time I saw a HP book was when my grandma was reading the Prisoner of Askaban and I thought the creature on the cover (Buckbeak, as it turned out) looked cool. I’m also listening to the Witch, Please podcast at the moment, which is making me appreciate the books and their fans to a whole new level.

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers


Real double review coming after NaNo, I promise! Right now, I just want to say that I have learned life lessons from this book, and its sequel A Closed and Common Orbit. This book is welcoming to everyone. This is the kind of thing we should be filling helicopters with and flinging at people (although that would probably cause injuries so maybe not).

Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman (non-fiction wildcard!)


This is being re-released next year, and I’m SO EXCITED. Radical political and social ideas with the studies and science to back it up. We need to imagine bigger. We need to demand better. We need to all read this book immediately.

Blackfin Sky by Kat Ellis


I am thankful for this book because it gave me writerly inspiration. The atmosphere of it is perfect, and I love the wonderful fantastical elements. It’s just such a great, creepy world to dive into this time of year.

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett


This book really pushes the meaning of what fairy tales are, but not in a postmodern, intellectual way. Just having fun with the stories we all know, and breaking our hearts for rats along the way. Casually.

I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen


I’m just so happy that beautifully illustrated picture books about animals and their hats are a thing.



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