Review: Unburied Fables


This collection enlisted talent around the world. From students to seasoned professionals, these writers came together to raise awareness and reinvent classic stories. While they showcase a wide variety of origins, styles, and endings, all the tales in this anthology have one classic element in common: a happily ever after.

Fifty percent of this collection’s proceeds will be donated to the Trevor Project, a non-profit focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual and other queer youth. Summary taken from Goodreads. 

I am so here for this collection of fairy tale retellings. Some are straight-up (ha!) queer retellings of familiar tales, some challenge the original tales with the inclusion of queerness, and some are a loving reconfiguration of the original tales, with the inclusion of queerness almost incidental to the function of the story.

The focus is, as far as I can tell, largely on aromantic and asexual retellings of these stories, but there are many complex identities included in this collection, such as a poly ‘Beauty and the Beast’ vignette, lesbian warrior princesses, and awkward teen boys confessing their love. I am here for all of these stories, but the amazingly positive and full expression of aro/ace love is what makes Unburied Fables precious for me. I felt represented in the context of the wider queer community, which is significant when aro/ace inclusion in that community is still so contested. And given my love for fairy tales, to see stories like mine retold in that context was awesome.

These retellings bring the tales we are familiar with – and some we are less familiar with – into the present day, bringing their messages and morals into a modern relevance. The structures and tropes of fairy tales have been used to tell many stories, but the heart-aching beauty and pain, struggle and triumph of these retellings is addictive. More please!


Unburied Fables is compiled and edited by Creative Aces Publishing, published in October 2016.

Buy it from Book Depository here.


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