The Valentines Series: Recap

The Valentines Series, as it stands currently, is now all up on my blog. I want to say thank you to everyone who responded, whether here or on Twitter, to this series. I really wanted this to go well, and I’m so happy that people have found new recs because of this series. I’m kind of repeating myself now (and I’m sure you guys are sick of the sound of my ‘voice’ by now!), but if you would like me to expand this series to include further orientations/types of family etc, then I would absolutely love to. I already have some ideas for next year!

This post is a plain and simple recap, to link the whole series in one place for ease of reference.

Day 1: Aromantic Characters in Fiction
Featuring internet worship, pirates, artists and fairytales.

Day 2: Asexual Characters in Fiction
Featuring dream magic, fire, vlogging, robots and angels.

Day 3: Demiromantic/Demisexual Characters in Fiction
Featuring Mars, podcasts, florists and spies.

Day 4: Panromantic/Pansexual Characters in Fiction
Featuring demons, cyborgs, high school and a bookshop.

Day 5: Polyamorous Characters in Fiction
Featuring spaceships, fire, softball and alien DNA.


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