Harry Potter Re-Read, Part 2

Here’s a link to Part 1 in case you missed it – it includes my favourite page in the entire series (so far, I’m currently mid-way through book 6), so you should check it out.

Part 2 covers just book 4, since (apparently) I have a lot of feelings.


Two years later, Lavender decides that this boy is her soulmate. Oh, Lavender. Why did you let your teenage hormones lead you astray?

Incidentally, also two years later, Luna points out that Ron has a noticeable knack for unkindness. Not sure how to connect those two right now, but there’s definitely something there. An analysis of Ron’s worthiness as a Gryffindor? Or a connection between him and James Potter – bravery going hand in hand with a tendency to bully when he has the upper hand. What’s most noticeable about Ron’s behaviour in book 6 is that yes, he’s being a foul-mood teenage boy, but he also only directs his aggression towards the girls – Hermione and Ginny in book 6, and arguably Lavender here in book 4 with a weirdly crude remark.


She closed her eyes when she got in. There is such a stunning difference between book!Myrtle and film!Myrtle, and I’d be interested to know why the film people decided to depict her sad, lonely existence as overly and sinisterly lecherous towards teenage boys. Maybe because they chose someone who was, what? 40s? Mid-30s? at the time to play Myrtle, whereas in the book she’s just a melodramatic schoolkid. I actually feel sorry for her now. đŸ˜¦


*cough* *cough* Sirius should have taken a leaf out of his own book there in looking at how he treats his inferiors. That’s going to bite him in the backside – or push him through an archway – in a bit.


This grown hecking man could have picked any secret name he wanted to get the kids to call him by while they were at school. He could have chosen Pete. He could have chosen Dedalus Diggle. He chose Snuffles.

Poor Sirius. I don’t think he every recovered from spending his 20s in Azkaban. He never really had the time to work out how grown-ups do stuff.


You SEE?? ‘Make sure you write back to Snuffles’ they sound ridiculous.


RED ALERT Sirius forgot he was a dog and sat down in a chair like a person. I can’t even with this kid. I’m out.

Coincidentally, that’s the end of Part 2! Part 3 will be up soon, I’ll link it here when it is.


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Re-Read, Part 2

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