Harry Potter Re-Read, Part 3

Welcome back! If you missed out on parts 1 and 2, then click just there to start at the very beginning. Part 3 covers book 5 (because apparently I’ve warped my numbering system so that it only makes slightly more sense than that of Witch, Please), so please, read on!


Well, that’s an awkward half-sentence to begin with. *cough* moving on. In further developments in #Robegate, all these kids change into their school clothes in the same train compartment, and there’s no mention of taking anything off first. Sooo…

I still hold that it’s a generational thing, or a practicality thing – Scotland’s cold, and no-one can tell what you’ve got on under your robes anyway, so why not just shove them on over the top, and sort yourself out later?


Harry has, up until this point, spent the whole book yelling about the fact that everyone’s ignoring him, and that it’s not fair because he was the one who experienced so much trauma last summer. And NOW he can’t think of a difference between him and Ron?

There’s a reason why you’re not in Ravenclaw, Harry.


Ron was never this funny in the films, and I feel robbed. They turned all his humour into slapstick and weird faces, when we could have had moments like this!


Don’t forget, everyone, that Harry’s a better Quidditch player than you. And it’s got nothing to do with the fact that he’s only ever had the best broom available on the market, whereas Ginny probably caught that Snitch on a Cleansweep Seven or something.


Sidenote: Montague reappears in a toilet.

So here’s an interesting thing about the Vanishing Cabinets. When you know that they’re important (book 6 people, wait for it), they’re blooming everywhere.

Harry hides inside the Borgin & Burke’s one when he coughs while using Floo Powder in the second book. (Good thing he didn’t close the door!) Then I think in the third book? Nearly Headless Nick persuades Peeves to smash up the Hogwarts one to distract Filch from Harry. So by this point in the fifth book, we know that both exist – though you wouldn’t know what the B&B one was unless you were looking for it. But the Hogwarts one is broken, and perhaps after this incident, Filch decided it was dangerous and wanted to chuck it away somewhere, and that’s how it ended up in the Room of Requirement.


And that brings us to the end of Part 3, book 5! I’ll link Part 4 here once it’s up, but until then, enjoy your week, folks!


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