100th post! Meet the Blogger

Hello, folks! I’ve been running this blog for just over a year now, and today is my 100th post!

I initially started with the intention of cataloguing my reading for and experiences at YALC 2016. I enjoyed connecting with other readers and writers, but since I’d started blogs before and never managed to stick with them, I wasn’t making any big commitment to a long term project.

But YALC was fun, and I was going to a couple of other book events over the summer, so I thought I’d stick with it for now at least, have some fun, and see where I got.

It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I realised I wanted to make a proper go of it. I started scheduling posts in advance, interacting more with the online book community, and committed myself to several year-long reading challenges to pull me through any potential slumps.

And now, here we are. 100 posts in, over a year blogging, and I’ve met so many great people, and read so many amazing books. So I thought it would be nice to do a meet-the-blogger post to celebrate my milestone. Thus: here are some things about me!

Favourite songs. I’ve just discovered Rend Collective’s new song, ‘No Outsiders’. It’s an affirming, queer-inclusive worship song about how there are no borders to God’s love – and if you don’t believe me on the queer-inclusive part, go and check out the video. There’s literally a rainbow in it – it’s the only non-musical object in the shot.

Otherwise, I very much enjoy ‘Puppet and the Songbird’ by Megan Henwood, ‘The Night is Young’ from the Moulettes’ Constellations album, ‘Helicopter’ by the Feeling, and ‘Devil’s Paintbrush Road’ by the Wailin’ Jennys.

Favourite season. Always season 1. I’m a sucker for an origin story.

Ahem. My favourite season of the year is probably winter, or late autumn. Cold enough for hats and gloves and scarves and big coats, but still some autumn leaves about. I don’t like being cold, but I like being warm while it’s cold outside. And I’m usually a fan of the mid-range storms that can crop up around that time of year.

The furthest I’ve ever been from home. New Zealand. I’m not sure you can get much further from England! We went when I was twelve for a month and though I don’t remember all of it, I stand by it as the best family trip we ever took. The furthest I’ve ever been from family is New York – I went with friends last year and it was equal parts brilliant and terrifying. I don’t have much of a travel bug, but I like going places with people I love.

The last thing I bought. Discounting the cucumber/ice cream food shop I did last night… Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee. Queer nerds, I can’t wait to read it.

What I’m scared of. Spiders. Walking round a house alone late at night – which is somehow creepier than being outside late at night. Falling. Car crashes. Something terrible happening to the people I love. Making an idiot out of myself in front of someone I admire. So, y’know, just the usual.

Favourite films. Pacific Rim (humanity builds giant robots to defend themselves against the giant monsters crawling out of the ocean), Ever After: A Cinderella Story (when she and the prince first meet, she mistakes him for a thief and throws apples at his head), A Knight’s Tale (I cannot express how beautiful everyone in this film is), and Maleficent (the true story of Sleeping Beauty).

Things about myself I’m proud of. I’m getting better at doing things even though they’re scary. I’m a Slytherin, queer and a Christian, and I will fight anyone who tries to invalidate any of those things. I have a really good set of friends. I’m fairly organised, I read super fast and I can get passionate about anything if I overthink it enough. I’m also proud of my close ancestry – there are a lot of strong, independent women in my family history and sometimes I feel them behind me.

Book bloggers/Twitter folk I’ve discovered and loved in the last year. I am absolutely going to forget someone important in this list – but Ceillie @candidceillie; Sinead @DivBookHuntress, Luci @justLuciAce, Mariam @helloiammariam, Lauren @aizawashoutah, Ravenclaw Book Club and Louise @Bookasaurus Blog. You and many more have inspired me, and made all this worth it.

Authors I’ve discovered and loved in the last year. Antonia Honeywell, Aurora Thornton, Shira Glassman, RoAnna Sylver, Claudie Arseneault, Becky Chambers, Menna van Praag, Jen Williams, Anna-Marie McLemore… there are so many more. You have all made me cry and laugh, you’ve made me feel supported and recognised, and you’ve inspired me to continue with my own writing. You’ve shown me compassion and selflessness and incredible talent, and I want to thank you all.

Favourite quote. “Love does no harm to a neighbour. Therefore love is the fulfilment of the law.” -Galatians 13:10

Love you all, folks. Here’s to another hundred posts!

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