YALC 2017 – Schedule Release!

So as you’ve probably seen, the YALC 2017 schedule is up! If you haven’t, you can click here to go and check it out.

This will be my second year at YALC, and I’m so excited. Things I learned from last year:

  • Most authors are as psyched to meet you as you are to meet them – don’t be afraid to say hi if you spot them out and about!
  • Bring a bag with wheels. Seriously. Even if you’re only bringing one or two books to get signed, you will definitely pick up more.
  • Also bring food and water. The cafe last year was super packed, and you don’t want to miss your favourite authors because you had to nip across the road for a sandwich in the middle of the day. Come prepared!

There are so many great panels, talks and workshops this year, but here are some things I am especially excited about:

  • Zoe Marriott’s panel on Saturday. There are a bunch of people on this panel, but also Joanne Harris, who is also one of my faves – and they’re talking Myth, Magic and Fairy-Tale. I can’t wait!
  • A workshop on writing your own YALC Zine – I’ve seen a few people excited about this one, but hopefully it won’t be too crowded.
  • Philip Womack’s World Building Workshop. I’m at a delicate point in my WIP, so I think I’ll be avoiding most of the how-to-write sessions in case I psyche myself out, but this one looks to be super cool – and I can get planning for my next story!
  • The genre-bending panel on Saturday looks AMAZING. V E Schwab, Ben Aaronovitch, Zen Cho, Martin Stewart and Dan Vyleta talking to Samantha Shannon – which, if I had to come up with a dream team for this panel subject, this would pretty much be it.
  • QuizYA on the Friday evening. It’s a pub quiz for charity organised by Non Pratt, and I’m super nervous and excited to be going.
  • Laini Taylor. I mean. Legend.

So those are my pre-highlights! I will be taking lots of photos and notes during the convention – I’m there all three days – so I’ll have some nice and thorough round-up posts ready for you afterwards (once I’ve slept for eleven hundred hours). Say hi if you see me!

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