Nine Worlds 2017: Things You Never Thought Could Be

My next panel was Things you never thought could be on the subject of YA fiction, with Charlotte Bond, Stevie Finegan and Chris Wooding, chaired by Adeline Grey. Continue reading


Nine Worlds 2017: A Critical Look at Sense8

My first panel on Saturday was one I was most looking forward to – Empathy, Diversity and Finding Your People: A Critical Look at Sense8. The panellists were Katherine Fabion, Misha Sumra, Alwin Nijsen and Helen Gould, chaired by Jade Rose.Quick summary of the show: There’s another type of human who link psychically in clusters of eight. The show follows one cluster (Nomi, Will, Riley, Lito, Sun, Capheus, Wolfgang, Kala) and their struggle to not be killed by an organisation apparently originally created to protect them. Everyone is queer, the filmography is amazing, and it’s one of the most inclusive shows in existence. A Netflix Original. Continue reading