Review: Dreadnought by April Daniels


Danny is hiding behind the mall, painting her toenails to stay sane, when a superhero hits the ground right next to her. It’s Dreadnought, the most famous superhero on the planet, and he’s dying. With his last breath, Dreadnought passes his mantle of power onto Danny so that the world doesn’t lose his abilities. And it changes Danny more than she ever thought possible.

Danny is transgender, and Dreadnought’s power has given her the body she always felt was rightfully hers. But with her dad refusing to accept her identity, her best friend acting like he’s suddenly entitled to date her, and a whole lot of superhero politics to catch up on, Danny’s life is hardly simple. 

And there are bigger problems. Who killed the previous Dreadnought, and why? What are the Legion hiding? And how far will Danny have to go to protect her new friends? Continue reading