Help! Notebooks Rule My Life

Hi folks! I was having a think the other day about blog post ideas, and to be honest I was struggling to think of anything. I haven’t been doing a whole lot of reading for a while, and I write so much of my life down in notebooks these days that I don’t splurge quite so much online.

But that led me to the idea of sharing those notebooks with you. And that idea is what led me to the realisation that:


I have seven on the go at the moment, each for a different purpose, and I thought it’d be fun to share what kinds of notebooks I like, how I use them, and the techniques I use to keep track of my life within them. So that’s what I’m going to do in this post! I’ll go through them, rather arbitrarily, in size order. Continue reading

I May Or May Not Have Endometriosis: My Story

Hi folks! Something a little different for you today. It being Endometriosis Awareness Week this week (3rd-9th March) I thought I’d share my experiences with the condition, and do what I can this week to spread the word.

I’ve used inclusive, gender neutral language throughout this post. Not every woman has a uterus, not every person with a uterus is a woman. I firmly believe that resources on conditions like endometriosis should be accessible to everyone. Continue reading

Bible Journaling for Beginners: Techniques

Hello, folks! Welcome to my second post on Bible journaling. To catch the first, where I talk about the materials you might want to grab, click here.

Today I want to talk about actual techniques to make your pages look really good. Some of these, I’ve tried. Some, I’m waiting to find the right verse to give it a proper go. But they all should be fairly easy to achieve. Continue reading

My Blogging Routine

My TBR pile is, as blogging tradition dictates, threatening to drown me. I do find myself buying more on ebook than I did before I started blogging – mostly because a greater proportion of my TBR is now indie or self-published books, which I find are often significantly cheaper on ebook than physical copy – and for good reason! I get a lot more books from specific recs and rec lists, and less from random book buying. But I am trying to restrain my book-buying this year so I can deal with my TBR…  Continue reading