Review: The Golden Yarn (Reckless book 3) by Cornelia Funke


Jacob Reckless hoped his troubles might be over. But the long-cast net of the Alder Elves is finally gathering in, and Jacob, Fox, Will and Clara will all get caught up in a plan that has stretched centuries. Jacob must chase Will through Mirrorworld before his brother can catch up to the Dark Fairy on her fateful journey that leads deep through Cossack territory, with time-eating witches, legendary creatures made flesh and caged, and flying carpets fueled by memories. Love pushes them all on and on, until they come face to face with the Spinner herself, the weaver of the threads of fate.  Continue reading

Review: Living Shadows (Reckless book 2) by Cornelia Funke


Jacob Reckless is running out of time. The Fairy’s curse, however unwillingly given, will kill him, and soon. In his wild race across Mirrorworld, he hasn’t found a single magical object that might save him. But in the tomb of a warlock, he finds a clue to the most powerful weapon in the world. Wielded rightly, it might be his only hope. 

But he and Fox are not the only ones seeking the ultimate prize. And warlocks are tricky at best. Who knows if the crossbow will even work? Continue reading